Kristy Griggs (1984) is a graphite artist and illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. She was born and raised in rural North Queensland where family homes are separated by cane fields and cattle paddocks. Drawing was one of her regular activities and required none of the matriarchal persuasion that practicing the piano did.

In 2003, Kristy moved to Brisbane to study music at the Queensland Conservatorium. She went on to achieve a first-class Master’s degree in the field of musicology. In 2008, however, she set aside a forced passion and replaced it with an inborn one. Kristy devoted herself to drawing and developed her first collection of artworks, which were presented in a solo exhibition in 2011.

Kristy has since won a number of awards and commendations at both local and national levels. She is currently a freelancer and creates artwork in a range of styles, from hyperrealism to book illustration.


"My drawings form a marriage between microcosm and macrocosm. They arrests human spontaneity and freeze it in a state of eternity. I have always been attracted to detail and to uncovering the sublime nuances that define our humanness. It’s an inborn compulsion.

"Now living in the city, I miss how the bush used to overwhelm me with its majestic beauty and spur me to create. It’s a feeling that I always try to conjure in my mind whenever I sit down to draw. And while nature inspires me to create, spending time in it rejuvenates me when I've been too long holed up in my studio!"



Featured artist on Behance: Drawing Served, 2012 (New York)
Featured artist on Australian Infront, 2012 (Australia)
Portraits and Figuratives (Merit), 2011 Waitakere Trust Art Awards (Auckland, New Zealand)

Works on Paper (Highly Commended), 2011 Taranaki Art Awards (Taranaki region, New Zealand)

Finalists selection, 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards (Auckland, New Zealand)