April 14, 2013

New Illustration, 'Kingsbury'

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Kingsbury: Kristy's new ink illustration

This week, Kristy completed her first major ink drawing, which also serves as a first foray into the world of digital manipulation. Kingsbury is a fantastical scene, depicting a girl teetering dubiously on a ledge overlooking grim Victorian civilisation.

The artist's words: About Kingsbury

"I was inspired to develop my ink folio after being commissioned to produce a series of steampunk images. Ink lends itself perfectly to the idiom of Victorian fantasy, probably because ink was a popular drawing medium in the 19th century. Additionally, though, I liken ink to the grim and oily impression that we hold of the Industrial Revolution."

"Kingsbury is named after the king's city in Howl's Moving Castle. I took inspiration from the film (along with other Miyazaki films) when creating the cityscape, clouds, and woman's costume. I drew the different sections of the image on separate pieces of paper and composited them as layers in Photoshop. Besides tone manipulation (to imply depth/distance) and blending, the only real digital effect used was a lens flare to lighten the lanterns."

Up close: See Kingsbury in full detail!

You can check out Kingsbury at Kristy's Official Website.
Also, see close-ups and behind-the-scenes photos at her Facebook page.

Foraying in ink: Read Kristy's account of creating Kingsbury

You can read all about Kristy's creative process for using ink and digital manipulation here:

Foraying in Ink: Part I
Foraying in Ink: Part II

January 14, 2013

First News for 2013

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Work selected by Behance curators
Terrific news! Kristy's portfolio has been selected by the curatorial team at Behance to feature in their Drawing Served online showcase. The curators, based in New York, "choose projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries." Kristy's Behance profile now sports a virtual medallion to mark this achievement.

New Artwork Begun
After a short break in December, Kristy has commenced work on her next graphite piece. If you would like to see Kristy's progress over the coming weeks, you can join her at her Facebook page and view photos of the work as it unfolds.

On the Planning Team for New Sydney Art Exhibition
Kristy is on the planning committee for a new Sydney-wide art exhibition and prize. Heart of Annandale is running from March 15 to 24, 2013, and is open to artists of all stages and mediums. If you would like to know more, visit the Heart of Annandale website or join the HoA team on Facebook.

November 16, 2012

New Portrait, 'Birdwoman'

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Kristy has just finished another graphite portrait, Birdwoman. Compared to her previous works, she has journeyed towards a more narrative-based style of drawing. It's realism and surrealism mixed together with a seasoning of fairytale and a touch or morbidity.

The Creative Women's Circle recently held their first event in Sydney, where women from all kinds of creative industries came together to hear a talk by Cloth | Fabric director, Julie Paterson. Check out Kristy's experience of the event here.

Why not connect with Kristy on her new Facebook page? A great place to ask questions and get a  behind-the-scenes glimpse of works in process:

Kristy Griggs | Graphite Art and Illustration

Coming up this month... Progress photos of Birdwoman‚Äč, a new essay, and the the next phase of Kristy's creative work!

August 28, 2012

New Portrait, 'Fire In Her Eyes'

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After six weeks of hard work, Kristy has completed her newest hyperrealistic portrait Fire In Her Eyes. This graphite work depicts a woman's face in extreme close-up, capturing the most delicate nuances of her glistening skin and crystalline eyes. She is a glamorous treat to behold! Click here to view the progress shots and related blog.

Kristy's artwork can now be enjoyed on her new Facebook page:

Kristy Griggs | Graphite Art and Illustration

This is a great place to ask questions and get a  behind-the-scenes glimpse of works in process. Regular updates include progress photos, sketches, conceptual scribbles, studio photos and more. All are warmly invited to connect.

Coming up... Kristy has already begun her next major artwork, which will be shared on Facebook as the work progresses.

Also, stay tuned for a new essay, which will be published here on the Essays page on September 16, 2012.

July 3, 2012

Online Mentions, New Essay

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This month, Kristy's work was featured on a number of prominent websites that promote contemporary art and design both here in Australia and around the world. Check out her profiles on Australian Infront, The Wall Breakers, The Inspiration Grid, and Spanish website Oink elRellano!

Her latest article is now available to download. Spark II: Concepts takes a look at the deeper meaning that underlies her newest hyperrealistic portrait, Spark of a Menace.  A fascinating read that delves into symbolism, morphology and semiotic language.

Also, have a read of this latest blog post on the trials of the post-artwork slump.

Next month will see Kristy finish new hyperrealistic work and post some behind-the-scenes photos of her drawing studio. Stay tuned!

May 30, 2012

New Portrait, 'Spark Of A Menace'

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Kristy has completed her latest graphite portrait, Spark Of A Menace, which has kept her busy over the past two months. Keep an eye out for an upcoming series of essays on this artwork, which will shed light on its creative process and conceptual development. These will be posted on the Essays page in coming weeks.

Finally, last week saw Kristy’s website featured on Australian Infront. Click here to check out her profile!

May 11, 2012

New Website Goes Live

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While Kristy has been working on her latest portrait, she and Kelvin Lomberg from goWebLlama have collaborated to create this new website.

She has written a new Blog entry, including an update on a current work that is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Next month, a new article will be published discussing the process of creating this piece.

Previous articles are available to download here.

March 1, 2012

Essay for March 2012

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Getting involved with the art community

Kristy is quickly learning about the Sydney art culture and getting involved with a number of different groups and societies. This month, she applied for membership with Portrait Artists Australia, a renowned association that brings together portrait artists from all states and territories.

She has also submitted works for the 2012 Rick Amor Drawing Prize. Hosted by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, this exhibition encourages artists to celebrate the tradition of drawing on paper and recognise its value as a direct form of creative expression. Selected works are on show from late April in the Ian Potter Foundation room of the Ballarat Art Gallery.

Work has also begun on Kristy's new website, which will go live in coming months.

Behind the scenes: sketches and studies

This week, Kristy will set up her studio and recommence work on her upcoming exhibition series. While studio materials have been in transit from NZ to Australia, she has composed a number of sketches that serve as conceptual starting points for many pieces in this series. Kristy has also continued to write about her conceptual development in these early stages of the creative process.

Here is her latest essay, Sketching, which follows last month's discussion on finding creative motivation to draw. This month, she writes on the importance of sketching and how it helps undiscovered concepts come to life on paper.

January 31, 2012

From New Zealand to Australia

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Now in Oz

After a month of organising and upheaving, Kristy has now settled in Sydney and expects to recommence work on her collection of hyperrealistic work within the coming weeks. In the meantime, she is composing smaller sketches, connecting with Sydney art communities, and exploring a little of the Oz art world. Kristy is also in the process of developing new courses in drawing and portraiture, which she expects to be teaching in 2012.

Kristy at the Blue Mountains, NSW, on Australia Day 2012

Behind the scenes: insights into the creative sphere

As part of her personal development as an artist, Kristy has often kept insightful journals that document her thoughts and observations throughout the creative process. This year, she will begin to publish her discoveries online in a series of essays, available to read on her website and eventually download as PDF's. While we wait for the PDF downloads to be made accessible, please enjoy this first installment of Kristy's written work.

December 4, 2011

'Inconceivable' Wins Award

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A win at the 25th Waitakere Trust Art Awards

Terrific news from the 2011 Waitakere Trust Art Awards! Kristy has won an award for her graphite portrait Inconceivable, competing against paintings, drawings and mixed-media works. The monetary prize, sponsored by Gordon Harris Art Supplies, was presented at the exhibition's Opening Night, held on November 17 at the Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Judging was undertaken by Christopher Saines, director of the Auckland Art Gallery. To read more about the Awards, check out this article featured in Auckland's Western Leader.